Meet the Staff of Quality Auto Of Collins

Donte Booth - Detail

601-765-1828 -

Brian Dickens - Owner & Operator

601-818-3597 -

Brian Dickens is a amazing person with a great and friendly personality, he is very loyal to his family and business he will do what ever he can to help earn your business. Brian has been in the Car dealership business for 19 years now, and has owned Quality Auto of Collins for 8 years now! he works hard at keeping the best Employees staffed, and to keep a full inventory here for what ever your needs are!

Colby Neal - Internet Sales Manager

601-517-3925 -

Colby is a person with true values. He is in charge of posting and keeping our websites up to date. Colby will do his best to give you all the info needed to help your online shopping easier. Please feel free to contact him about any questions regarding our online inventory. Thank you from Quality Auto Where Quality Matters

James Walley - Sales Manager

601-394-9313 -

James Walley is a friendly guy, with a smile always on his face. His main goal is to do what it takes to make you (the customer) happy. He takes pride in his work, and has had a successful 17 years in the Car Dealership industry. James has been with Quality Auto for 7 years now. Please contact James for any and all questions concerning our vehicles. Thanks and have a great day.

Shontez Lindsey - Detail shop Leader

601-7653609 -

Shon loves his job, and loves to help people. He has many different responsibilities here at quality auto. One of them are the detail shop leader. he will help get your new purchase cleaned and ready for you to go. he also lines up outside detailing for customers. he can quote you on a detail. Call him today to schedule your detail!

Betina Dickens - Co-Owner

601-765-1828 -

Betina is a devoted Wife to Brian Dickens and the Co-Owner to Quality Auto of Collins. She is always willing to help with any customer. Her Primary goal is to prepare any and all paper work and title work to help make your office visit faster and easy. She will sit down with you and explain to you each document. she can also help with your extended warranty purchase. and as always will have you in and out in a timely manner.

Bo- Miller - Setailing and service

601-765-1828 -

Bo will be glad to help you with cleaning you need on your new purchase